Saturday, March 14, 2009

John Lennon on Peace

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When life revolves

There are times when life takes sudden detours. These detours can be destabilizing, especially when you can't read the signs and don't understand the language. This is my time. My health is changing, my marriage is changing, my family is changing, my employment and roles are changing, I may need to change my home and place of living.

I can't predict the long-term effects of all these changes. I do know that I have the ride the tide of change and steer with the current until the course is finished.

I'm trying to protect and nurture myself during this phase. One way is thru exercise. Another way is thru regular health checks. There sure are alot of systems that need attention as you age. I've had my cardiovasular assessment. This week it's the breast and the colon that I have probed.

I blogged about mammography, so today I blog on COLONOSCOPY.

Colonoscopy is the endoscopic examination of the large colon and the distal part of the small bowel with a CCD camera or a fiber optic camera on a flexible tube passed through the anus. It may provide a visual diagnosis (e.g. ulceration, polyps) and grants the opportunity for biopsy or removal of suspected lesions. Indications for colonoscopy include gastrointestinal hemorrhage, unexplained changes in bowel habit or suspicion of malignancy. Colonoscopies are often used to diagnose colon cancer, but are also frequently used to diagnose inflammatory bowel disease.

I had a colonoscopy 6 months ago and had a polyps removed. This is a followup to ensure that no further polyps have grown. The day before the exam, I will be taking a purgative laxative to empty the colon of a fecal matter and following a clear fluid diet.

I will be give IV sedation for the exam. The colonoscope is introduced thru the rectum up to the level of the terminal ileus. Air and light are added to aid in visualizing the colon. Pictures and specimens may be taken thru the colonoscope.

After the procedure, I will be a little groggy from the sedation. My daughter, Stephanie, is bringing me home.

My followup on my mammogram is on Wednesday.

If all goes well, that should be it until my complete physical and pap in June.

I do need to see an accupuncturist about elbow tendinitis and this nagging hip discomfort.

Once this physical stuff is done. It's mental health time. Stay tuned for the Omega retreat.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009