Wednesday, February 07, 2007


by Marcail 02/07

Glistening lip gloss
Captured summer of my youth
Forgotten by Fall.
Winter-hardened heartbreak melts
Spring floes open willing limbs.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Blogging for Charity: Poem: EMBODIED LIGHT

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Time approached,
Revelation drew near
Mantle discarded and Soul returned,
Hidden truth… revealed… unmasked,
Lesson learned, forgiveness asked
To Light returned, To Kingdom come.
But in the End, thy will be done.

Light decreed I start afresh
Return and pay Indebtedness,
The balance in full
In one more life
Accept… be gladden
The best for last.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Poem: Meat Market

Image courtesy of Blogging for Charity

by marcail 02/07
The trial started today
About the pig farmer turned serial killer
Now my dreams are nightmares
Where ladies of the night cry out.

Where I visit the butcher to select my
Crown rib of pork
As a pussy licks her lips
Waiting for barbequed flesh.

There are always scraps that fall from the table
If one is patient though to wait for a taste
In a world of get before you’re forgotten—
Of dog eat dog.

To market to market to buy a fresh pig
Is this what the madman hummed as he stalked his prey?
As he gutted and filleted their flesh?
Home again , home again, jiggedy-jig.

The mean street’s detour was a dead end
Nobody cared for the missing
The red-light street is eerily silent now
The lost children of the night gone unnoticed
Until the numbers mounted to ethnic-cleansing-size
And took a microsopic and forensic skill
To reveal the horror
And overnight I lost my taste for meat.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

SNOW ANGEL: a poem

by Marcail
Compact and crystalline.

Steely grey cloud burst
Winter, keening and howling, snapped and downed branches
Snowflake fractuals like monochromatic klaidoscope eyes
Opened to snow globe world of fluttering angel feathers,

Compact and crystalline.
Snow angel
One dimensional, frozen in flat state
worried as the sunlight caressed and
compressed the cares of the world into
impenetrable ice.

Compact and crystalline

I understood the watershed and the cycles,
The terrifying beauty of whiteout blizzards and avalanche
Once with cold-rouged cheeks cocooned in snowsuit
I trudged through thigh-deep banks
towards the shelter of a snow fort.

Compact and crystalline

I fell and hell froze over.
Surrounded by deadly snowballs
Etched snow fossil
Frozen in time.

Compact and crystalline.