Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Calgary, Alberta

Another stop in our November tour was Calgary, Alberta-- the home of The Calgary Stampede and my Hubbie's Cousin Sandie.

Sandie and her hubbie Larry allowed us to use their home as our base of operations. We all went to Kamloops together and after we returned to Calgary, we tripped over to Banff which is about an hour as the crow flies. You can add another half-hour if you take the scenic drive.

The folks of Calgary are known for their hospitality. But, heehaw was it ever cold when we visited. (-20 to -24C) We loved the company though we were happy to head south to Las Vegas and warm our bones.


Bernita said...

Want to wish you a joyous Christmas.

Southern Writer said...

Hi Marcail. Just stopped by to wish you a happy Christmas.

Southern Writer said...

I came over to what you've written lately. Hmpf. I'll check back. It was nice of you to stop by my place, anyway, and good to see you.