Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Worm Pic for previous post

The common earthworm variety doing a stellar job of adding nutrients to the soil. Why do they always come out on sidewalks and driveways after a rain? Would they drown underground?


Anonymous said...

I've always thought of them as bait for fishing. On a rainy night I would go into the yard with a flashlight and bucket and collect loads of them. Alas, I stopped fishing 10 years ago. Too restrictive in Germany, so the worms are safe. Saw your post on Erica's site and thought I would stop by.

Southern Writer said...

I'm with Steve. I see this as a nice pile of fish bait. I love them in my garden, too. They're so good for the soil.

Flood said...

I hate walking the dark after a rain, for fear of stepping on the squishy things.

Are you feeling any better about worms?

Marcail said...

Steve G and SW- just the thought of bait had me gagging. I have tried. The mucus and writhing...oh no!

Flood- not really. I understand they have a role to play, but I don't want to get too friendly.

Southern Writer said...

Everytime someon calls me SW, I think they've confused me for S.W. Vaughn. I really have to get used to it.

Yanno what else? I bait my own hook with those slimey little things. They wriggle and twist to get away, but I won't let them. I stick that barb right in 'em. It goes pop when it breaks the skin, and then, it feels a lot like pushing the hook through our own skin. And this stuff oozes ... oh. I'm sorry. You don't like worms. Pardon me. Just pretend like I didn't say any of that.