Saturday, February 03, 2007

Poem: Meat Market

Image courtesy of Blogging for Charity

by marcail 02/07
The trial started today
About the pig farmer turned serial killer
Now my dreams are nightmares
Where ladies of the night cry out.

Where I visit the butcher to select my
Crown rib of pork
As a pussy licks her lips
Waiting for barbequed flesh.

There are always scraps that fall from the table
If one is patient though to wait for a taste
In a world of get before you’re forgotten—
Of dog eat dog.

To market to market to buy a fresh pig
Is this what the madman hummed as he stalked his prey?
As he gutted and filleted their flesh?
Home again , home again, jiggedy-jig.

The mean street’s detour was a dead end
Nobody cared for the missing
The red-light street is eerily silent now
The lost children of the night gone unnoticed
Until the numbers mounted to ethnic-cleansing-size
And took a microsopic and forensic skill
To reveal the horror
And overnight I lost my taste for meat.

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