Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Newest Poem


I’ve retired from my profession not from life
And suddenly I have no value
Apparently I now lack authority;
Now that I’m not paid for my work,
Still I catch myself saying I’m a nurse
When asked what I do
Adding in afterthought -- and I’m a wife and mother.
Titles I’ve never been asked to prove,
My skills and talents not honed like stay-at-home
Wives and mothers; not paying my dues but
Rather delegating my responsibilities
To pseudo-mothers and lovers.
You can have it all, I was told.
Becoming more a human doing than a human being
My expertise dwindling as the neighbourhood healer
I am bereft
My wife and mother duties no longer needed or wanted;
I am bereft.
Marginalized, outsourced, part-timed, disregarded, under-equipped,
Overworked, burned-out, used-up, infected…
I am bereft of self.
I wrote this poem as an entry in to a poetry contest with the broad subject of any aspect of work. Since I am fairly newly retired, these thoughts emerged. I'll update when the contest is judged. I sure hope that posting on a blog doesn't constitute prior publishing. Any experts on this out there?


Flood said...

This is someone who had the same problem, contacted the website and they didn't consider the work to be prev. pubbed.

Just an example.

Anonymous said...

Great web site and fantastic poem. I totally understand where you are coming from. Great pic. I'll check out your site often. MJ