Thursday, July 20, 2006

Sky Flight (Haiku)


by Marcail

Tight spring trampolines
Silver wings of aeroplanes
Smash a summer sky


Flood said...

I am reminded of 9/11.

I was one of those who watched the impact of the planes into the WTC buildings, completely not understanding what I was seeing. I remember the anchorman saying, "and now we can see fusilage exploding..." when it was actually the second plane's impact. My brain told me something wasn't right.

It wasn't until the collapse that I called my husband to come home.

Strange how the brain tries to make sense of the incomprehensible.

Jim said...

this is haiku done right. enjoyed it. :)

Marcail said...

Thanks to Flood and Jim for reading Sky Flight and for your encouraging words.

fringes said...

I like it. I may not be able to comment intelligently on most of your poetry. I am still learning. But know that I am on your site reading and enjoying my stay.

Marcail said...

Thanks Fringes. I'm am trying out various poetic forms and devices. Some I meld with better than others. I'm commenting in my comments, but how else would you know I appreciate your encouragement. I'm thrilled when I come across others who enjoy poetry.

fringes said...

Comment in your comments as freely as you like. Thanks for the response.