Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Septet Poem


The challenge this week, courtesy bartzturkeymom, was to write a septet about an inanimate object giving it human qualities. The Septet is a poem, containing seven lines. The French word Sept can be found in it, which means seven. The Septet doesn’t have to rhyme and can be about any subject. This is how the Septet is built up:

Line 1: 3 syllables
Line 2: 5 syllables
Line 3: 7 syllables
Line 4: 9 syllables
Line 5: 7 syllables
Line 6: 5 syllables
Line 7: 3 syllables

by Marcail

My handbag

mouth shut or open

speaks volumes, whispers myself,

compartmentalizes my stuff

multitasks without effort

and never tries to

fight my shoes.


Neil said...

I've been waiting for a woman to write a poem about her prized possession -- her handbag!

Southern Writer said...

I wanted to say the line about its mouth being open or shut is brilliant, but I couldn't choose it over all the others. Every line has a little insight that shines. Sweet.

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