Friday, October 27, 2006

WORD DAY: Mesmerize




–verb (used with object), -ized, -iz‧ing.

[Origin: 1820–30; MESMER(ISM) + -IZE]

—Related forms

mes‧mer‧i‧za‧tion, noun
mes‧mer‧iz‧er, noun

Synonyms: allure, beguile, bewitch, charm, dazzle, delight, draw, enamour, enchant, enrapture, enslave, ensnare, entertain, enthrall, entrance, fascinate, gratify, grip, hold, hook, hypnotize, infatuate, intrigue, lure, magnetize, mesmerize, please, rope in*, seduce, spellbind, take, vamp, wile, win

Antonyms: disillusion, offend, repel, repulse, turn off

The word derives from the 18-century practise by the Viennese physician called Franz Anton Mesmer who postulated the theory of animal magnetism.

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